Who’s running your business while you struggle to keep up with posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter?

How much time are you spending on Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing? Are there digital marketing platforms that might be great for your business (Hello, Twitter!), but you don't even want to touch them? Do you have a social media marketing strategy? Is it working? (Do you know how to tell if it's working?)

Hi there, I'm Michelle, founder of SonjaBlue Productions. We take care of your social media marketing so that you can go back to important stuff, like, building your business and making money.  (Wouldn't you rather do the things that make you money instead of trying to figure out how the Facebook algorithm works this week??)

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What Do You Need Help With?


Social Media Foundation Platforms

The point of social media isn’t just to get likes and followers.  Social media works for your business when it attracts your target audience and builds engagement. How? Posting relevant, useful content on the platform where your audience spends time is one aspect.  Interacting with other users is another.  No “bot” will help you grow your list organically the way a human marketer can. Customers increasingly rely on online research to gather information and research customer opinions and reviews about businesses before making purchase decisions.  A social media presence is as important as a phone number.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The number one mistake that businesses make in posting their social media content is to work without a plan.  Your time and resources are precious; having a system to create and curate content, whether it be video, pictures, blogs, or a supply of interesting posts from your business and about the community is the optimal way to have social media working for you. Whether you have someone creating content for your business already or need copywriting, video and images, we can work with you to develop and implement a system that frees your time to focus on your business.

Advertising on Social Media

As Facebook, Instagram, and Pintarest have become popular spaces to “hang out,” the challenge of cutting through the noise grows.  Event great content can’t generate the organic reach it could even five years ago. Large media agencies typically don’t service clients with less than a
$10,000/month budget, but 
businesses with smaller budgets need help too.  Outsourcing ad campaign management to a consultant or small agency can be an effective solution. 

Audience Analytic Evaluation

How do you know if your social media strategies are working? Social media platforms have built-in analytics to help you keep tabs on the reach of your messages (the number of people who see what you post) as well as engagement (clicks and shares) and conversions (sales or downloads). Facebook and Instagram algorithms are a moving target. With increased competition for viewers, understanding how to adjust your copy, images, audiences, and key indicators can leverage your ad budget.

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